Restaurant Management System with CRM and and Intelligent Data Analytics to boost your Business


Food CRM is a fully integrated cloud solution for the Café/Restaurant Industry that will enable the business to be more smarter and provide more customized Experience to guests. Provide customers a more interactive experience by replacing your conventional printed menu with a tab ordering system connected to existing POS system or kitchen KOT printer. Automate orders for Home Delivery, Take Away and Table Reservation from a dedicated mobile application or website under your brand. FoodCRM features a real ­time dashboard with various insights that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Cloud based Application and Mobile App

More and more companies are opting for cloud-based business apps, which are easier to manage, integrate and distribute and present lower security risks than native apps.

Streamlined Operations
(CRM and POS)

ERP and CRM (Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management), are two products that go great together. While either product can work well on its own, their true potential is realized only when full ERP and CRM integration is achieved

Resource Optimization
(raw materials and labor)

Resource optimization is the set of processes and methods to match the available resources (human, machinery, financial) with the needs of the organization in order to achieve established goals.

Better Customer Experience

Quality customer service is the key element required for a successful business. In this customer driven market, where competition is becoming stiffer day by day and critical deadlines are rife, one cannot think of business growth without exceptional customer service

Increase in Average Check

This case study focuses on the influence that “average check” has on overall sales in a restaurant. Many restaurant operators do not follow their average check closely enough to determine when they are losing valuable income from existing guests.

Smart Data Insights

Digital interactions and transactions have opened the floodgates for customer and restaurant data, which can be used in both macro and granular analyses across different levels: customer, restaurant, and market.

Services We Provide

Windows Based POS

Tab Based POS

Tab Ordering System

Dedicated Customer Application

The Food CRM Admin Panel

The complete system under your fingertips.The scope of admin:

Smart Business Dashboard

Restaurant Menu Management

Advanced Delivery Management

In-Dining and Reservation Management

Inbuilt customer loyalty programs and promotions

Track your inventory and save money

Supplier and Purchase Management

SMS communication

Affordable and User Friendly

Access from any device

The Food CRM POS

Get rid of the delay. Enhance your restaurant dine-in experience with FoodCRM POS module. Maximize output with the waiters taking orders using a smartphone or tablet, wherein the digital KOT gets initialized. It is then sent directly to the kitchen in charge, where the order status can be updated in real time. The updated status will instantly reach the customer through push notification and voila, everything’s simple again. The age of customer placing the order directly from a smart device while dining is already here. Our solution is designed to be Scalable for future.

The Food CRM Customer App (Android/IOS)

An App that’s the solution to all your restaurant management woes. A cloud based mobile ERP solution that works on both Android and IOS platforms. The Food CRM Customer App is a dedicated app under your restaurant's name. Place orders for home delivery, Take Away, Table Reservation, receive all kinds of inquiry from all kinds of medium, all instantaneously. Bring in that personal touch, let your customers feel more connected to your restaurant. Also run your customer loyalty program through the app that engages them while increasing your loyal customer base.

Customer Relationship Management

What is the ultimate goal of a restaurant? To keep the customers coming back for more! The Food CRM does exactly that with several functionalities that will help you to engage in a positive and productive relationship with the customer.

1. Customer feedback and suggestions: Rather than a one-sided conversation, i.e. the restaurant communicating with the customer, this is a tool for the customer to give valuable feedback back to the restaurant.

2. Handling customer complaints: Don’t lose a customer over a badly handled complaint. A dissatisfied customer can spread word about bad service to at least 10 possible new customers, thus costing you valuable business.

5 ways a restaurant's CRM initiative can turn around customer churn

  • Build a customer database
  • Menu engineering
  • Strategic marketing campaigns
  • Loyalty programs
  • Customer retention

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